In email clients such as Thunderbird, Outlook, etc., the user receives error messages indicating that there are too many simultaneous connections (when connecting to Gmail based email services). As of this post the current limit is 10 simultaneous connections.

Issue is exacerbated when using mobile devices, as many mobile devices reconnect to Gmail based services using a different IP address each time. There is no current ‘fix’, however tier 2 support from Google does have a work around:

This is a known issue but there is a work around. It’s not pretty but it works.

This has nothing to do with Outlook. I bet everyone on this thread who is having this problem is connecting their cell phone to their email via IMAP.

The main issue is that Google only allows 10 connections at a time. The problem is if your cell phone connects using IMAP and you drive a lot, your IP address will change everytime it switches to a new cell tower. This will cause your phone to make many connections to Google eating up those 10 connections very quickly.

The solution is to manually sign out of sessions. You do this by logging into your gmail account via a web browser. Then at the bottom you will see in small print “Last account activity: xxx minutes ago at IP 999.999.999.999.” Next to that is a DETAILS link. Click on that. Now you will see all the IP’s that make up the connection. Click on the button Sign Out all other sessions and you’ve freed up connections.



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